Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Brief History of Suzuki

This Japanese automobile manufacturer has a rich history reaching back over 100 years. From the small family business, started in the beginning of the 20th century to the international corporation the Suzuki brand is known for today their commitment to providing excellent build quality at an affordable price has remained the same.

Michio Suzuki started a small family company producing looms for the silk industry in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1909. By 1922 the company had grown rapidly due to the superior quality and innovation their products became synonymous for. Suzuki later spotted a niche in the transport market for affordable, reliable transport.

Unfortunately the Second World War delayed the progression of the Suzuki company as preparations for war took president over domestic concerns but the Suzuki company survived and was eventually taken over by Suzuki's son Shunzo Suzuki. His first major contribution to the company was a unique type of motor that could be attached to a bicycle which was able to drive the cycle while pedalling, while freewheeling or be disconnected altogether.

Once patented the Japanese government subsidised his work. The complete motor was manufactured by Suzuki and gave rise to numerous racing victories.

By the mid 1950's the company had been rebranded the Suzuki Motor Co. and was mass producing lightweight motor vehicles. In 1963 the company began exporting their range of lightweight motorcycles to the USA.

By the 1980's the company had developed the first all terrain vehicle. Shortly after, they began exporting their range of cars to the USA. The company outperformed all other Japanese manufacturers for their first years trading in the USA and continued to gain popularity.

In 2000 Suzuki introduced the XL-7, a seven seat sports utility vehicle. Within five years their range expanded to include sedans and station wagons and in 2006 they introduced a new Grand Vitara which wowed the market with its combination of standard luxury features and affordable price tag. Their continued innovation has brought about a further range of all wheel drive vehicles which continue to take America and 146 other countries by storm.