Friday, April 27, 2012

2011 Honda Element Review

When it comes to listing the top compact SUVs out there, the 2011 Honda Element will be somewhere at the top of the list. It gets a 9, out of 23 of the finest compact SUVs in the market, and this is after reviewing and analyzing over sixty published reviews regarding the same type of vehicles. The vehicle has gone through a lot of test driving in order to list it as an effective machine in the sports utility sector, and it does stand out. Essentially, the Honda Element epitomizes utility. The majority of reviewers are satisfied in that aspect, and so the buyers can trust that they won't be disappointed if that's what they are looking for in the vehicle.

The vehicle comes in two models both of which offers two wheel drive and of course the 4 wheel drive. The models are the LX and EX.

A decent but edgy type of vehicle to move around with in the city or outside in a rough terrain while maintaining a stable drive is what attracts buyers to this particular SUV. It is durable and a lot of buyers find that most important. So what's to look out for in the small SUV? A LOT of space. In fact, the vehicle boasts a 74.6 cubic feet of cargo space; and with the back seats folding capability, you really have space in there.


This SUVs performance rating may very much have to do with individuals, preference, because a lot of people like its sturdy and noisy ride, while some don't. But other than that, the easy navigation and plenty of room inside make it worthwhile.


The exterior is a winner for the 2011 Honda Element; in fact a lot of recent models of SUVs have copied the Element's type of exterior when it hit the market back in 03, so the 2011 is still a winner in that aspect.


Ample space for cargo, which is always a major plus, but the passengers may not have the same spacious area because the seats aren't all that big. The interior is actually made in a way that allows easy cleaning for you, with the rubber floors and a lot of plastic. This takes care of its utility aspect and gives you a chance to get dirty.


When it comes to safety, again, the utility vehicle doesn't disappoint. In fact it gained a top pick in safety from insurance, so the only question is whether or not it's reliable. Of course the safety having been considered, there's little to worry about.


It scores an almost perfect mark on reliability, getting a 9.0 for the predicted reliability test ratings. To sum it up, if you're shopping for a sport utility vehicle, this one embodies utility. Plus, there's always the 36000mile/ 3year warranty to add to the credits.